TruComp 990, the source for determining executive compensation.

TruComp 990™ In Action

TruComp 990™ streamlines the daunting task of calculating compensation packages, making it a simple step-by-step process. The video above will show you how.

Build absolute confidence in your decisions about executive pay.

Only TruComp 990™ gives you the absolute accuracy that federal income tax reporting guarantees – no inflated, no arbitrary, no accidental information ever. Koker Nelson Gregoire & Company draws data from more than six hundred credit unions with assets exceeding $100,000,000 or, roughly, forty percent of the market. No survey, no set of surveys, can come even close to replicating. Build on TruComp 990™ web-based software for timely, cogent, absolutely operable data at the touch of a keyboard.

We offer detailed information for these positions: chief executive officer (CEO), chief operating officer (COO), chief financial officer (CFO), and head of technology (CIO).

The Accuracy of TruComp

Expect full compensation data arising directly from IRS Form 990, documenting actual annual earnings for highly compensated employees including base salary, bonuses and incentives, W-2 taxable income, total taxable income, non-taxable benefits, and total compensation including deferred compensation such as Internal Revenue Code Section 457 and other retirement plans.

The Reliability of TruComp

Random salary surveys constitute the primary source of information about executive compensation today. A certain level of mistrust exists among boards of directors about this data. TruComp 990 replaces that mistrust with fully realized, easily accessed information delivered in the format most meaningful to your credit union. The data retrieved from Forms 990 reflects compensation actually paid. TruComp 990™ defines the market for executive positions in credit unions today, drawing on a database far larger than that available from the industry surveys.


Rely on TruComp 990™ for the accuracy that only IRS data can give you. No mere survey answers here, but actual compensation data you can trust.

The Reliability of TruComp

Using Web-based software, TruComp 990™ clients can select individual credit unions for use as peer groups. With our TruComp system, you’ll be able to select peer groups directly from the database, choosing by location and size of the credit unions, adding and subtracting as you see fit. And then the TruComp software will produce a report for each executive position selected. A sample report is available on this page.